Farnborough Groove Volume 11

Farnborough Groove Volume 11 is available fom iTunes for only £5.99 for 40 tracks!

Full track listing is:

  • A Very Deep Hole – Porcelain God
  • Amber Richmond – Fifteen
  • Andy Ruddy – Every Wrong Turn
  • Atlantic Fire – Lack Of Colour
  • Billy Liberator – Just Be
  • Blindmans Rainbow – Love Surrenders
  • Date – Falling Apart
  • Dead Days – Try
  • Dead State – Death Comes In Threes
  • Deano & Co. – Secrets (That You Money Can’t Buy)
  • Down Love – Those Words You Said – For Wiz
  • Fainites – Body of Bones
  • Freeze The Atlantic – You Drove Me To Taxidermy
  • Fuzzwalker – Continental Breakfast
  • GINsing – Falling Like a Clown
  • Here Are The Young Men – This Is What A Band Looks Like
  • I Plead Irony – What If
  • I-Jay – Rumours Of War
  • Isle Of The Cheetah – Mayhem
  • J C Fenton – Hold On
  • J Lee and the Hoodoo Skulls – Women
  • Jindivik – Down
  • Kevin Burgess – Different
  • Kilter – The Grip
  • LoveLess – Misery
  • Mikey Riley – Nostalgia
  • Parachute For Gordo – Gopher a Nap
  • Phoenix Chroi – Beaches
  • Scarlet Soho – Professionals
  • Smalltown Glory – Third Light (The Young Known Soldier)
  • Smiley’s Friends Eclectic – She Won’t Leave You
  • So-Crates – Change Your Ways
  • Sore Teeth – Hollow
  • The 109s – No Shame
  • The Divide – Raise A Glass
  • The Landings – Lost To This World
  • Wob – Like Trees
  • Your Idiot Sidekick – I’ve Been Setting Fires To Feel Joy
  • Yuno Koma – See You In Heaven

Atlantic Fire, Fainites, Andy Ruddy, Dead State and Soeur gig!

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Atlantic Fire début album launch

After several years of grafting, developing and touring in their previous guise as Satellite State, they re-launched themselves as Atlantic Fire in 2016. Their debut album has been a long time coming and does not disappoint. It is filled with epic songs with choruses that will surely fill stadiums one day. Until then, lets fill the Boileroom!

This gig is their album launch and they hope you will be there to celebrate with them!

With special guests:

Fainites from Portsmouth the band create anthemic, intelligent, hardcore-tinged alternative rock. Debut EP ‘Battle Scars’ was released back in April and lead track ‘Geraldine’ is a storming piece of alternative rock, welding chunky guitar riffs to yearning vocals and pounding drums.

Andy Ruddy is a singer-songwriter originally from Bradford, now based in Guildford. Expect haunting moving tunes.

Dead State are an intense band based in Aldershot. Loud, shouty, punky, always unpredictable and in your face.

Soeur are from Bristol and they breakdown hard-rock down to its simplest, most fundamental form and are a brutal, yet soulful assault on the senses.

Friday, 15th September
13 Stoke Fields, Guildford
01483 440022

Doors 7:30pm // £6 advance  // £7 door
1st band on 7.45pm sharp!

Wob & The Farnborough Groove on Radio Woking 14.01.16


Wob and his band visit the studio this week to play live and herald the launch of The Best Of The Farnborough Groove.

The legendary tapes of the best bands that have come out of the Surrey/hants area over the past few decades have been dusted off and the cream of the cream have been compiled into a new Best Of.

Pete Cole, the man who compiled the series, will be live in the studio telling the stories behind the tunes.

With Wob providing the live music it looks to be a cracking evening.

Tune in @ http://www.radiowoking.co.uk/listen/
Facebook Event @ https://www.facebook.com/events/1169560006406078/